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david and lo say goodbye.

i've drifted from a lot of people i used to have on my friends list and became closer with others as i've branched out on interests. i've cut a bunch of people who either aren't active on livejournal (doesn't count if your on hiatus) or i've just not spoken to and feel like we are no longer friends. if you cannot see this entry, please remove me from your flist.
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I think any lost fans out there should join or Boone will come kick you.......hard

jjverse is a challenge community that brings together fans of JJ Abrams' work and throws them into an extremely competitive, but even more extremely awesome and addictive environment! Once sorted into one of 4 teams [Rambaldi (Alias), Fringe, Oceanic (Lost), Trek], the fun begins!

Apply today (click the banner), and you can start participating right away! The best part is that you do not have to be familiar with all or even most of J.J.'s work/fandoms! The team names are truly just that, team names. The only thing affected is with whom you play and Team Oceanic is THE EPICKEST TEAM IN EXISTENCE SO YOU'LL BE WANTING TO PLAY WITH US. JOIN jjverse TODAY AND ASK FOR OCEANIC! IF THERE ARE NO AVAILABILITIES ON OCEANIC, ASK TO BE PUT IN LINE FOR THE NEXT OPENING!
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This is my DVD list if any of you guys want me to cap anything, I'm currently on a capping spree since I have nothing else to do and I'll probably be capping a lot more once schools go back since I don't have to do much during the day. My mum doesn't need that much looking after. So if you want anything capped, just drop a comment (: Just so you know before you look at this list, I have no life and serious issues when it comes to buying things in DVD form.

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